Yachtline 1618

is a world leader in the production of furniture for luxury yachts that pushes toward an evolution in name and sign: YNTERIORS1618.

It maintains the symbol and matches a mission which goes beyond the horizons of the sea: build interiors for prestigious residences, and for any residential nucleus of the future, chosen to keep dreams alive.

Brand personality

Ynteriors 1618 is recognized as one of the best companies in the world in the production of luxurious interiors.
Transformation of matter into unique furniture is the mission of our team.

Residential and Business

Custom-made furniture for prestigious dwellings and villas is in the line with Tuscan carpentry traditions.

Selection of works

Here is a selection of works, carried out thanks to all our clients who trusted in our skills and experience, and our suppliers, who supported us with their skill and loyalty.

Contact us for inspiration.

Interno Yachtline1618